Tripoli / August 30 – The Libyan Center for Freedom of the Press expresses its great apprehension and fear for the safety of many bloggers, activists and journalists in Tripoli as a result of several security forces ambushing, kidnapping, arbitrarily and arresting them Without any compliance with the authority of the rule of law, and pursuing a policy of intimidation and silencing, which made many activists victims of enforced disappearance today.

There has been an increase in recent cases of arbitrary arrest and detention of many activists who demonstrated in need of the deteriorating living conditions and the growing corruption and the impoverishment of the people pursued by influential groups in the Government of National Accord.

The journalist Sam Al-Sharif destiny, director of Al-Jawhara Radio, activist Muhannad Al-Kawafi, and many bloggers and activists are still forcibly disappeared. On any security formations that appear to be “not subject to the Ministry of Interior Government of National Accord,” not to mention the beatings and the prevention of work for Libya Al-Ahrar channel team at the hands of demonstrators, according to the Libyan Al-Ahrar TV statement.

Eyewitnesses reported that journalist Sami Al-Sharif, director of Al-Jawhara Radio, was kidnapped since the night of Sunday, August 23, in a security formation, he suffers from a deterioration in his health due to the lack of his diabetes medication, while there is no information available  for the destiny  of dozens of activists and bloggers who were arrested separately last week.

The Libyan Center for Freedom of the Press also follows the arbitrary arrest for the journalist and civil activist Abd al-Latif Abu Hamra in Abu Qurain area by military personnel, taken into custody to the city of Misrata while he was working with the medical survey team to take samples of the Corona virus at the Abu Qurain press center, and there is no information about his places of detention or the reasons for that.

The Libyan Center for Freedom of the Press expresses its deep concern and its great solidarity with the families of the victims, as the preliminary information indicates to dozens of detainees who demonstrated due to the difficulty of living conditions and the growth of corruption in the Government of National Accord demands that all Libyan parties commit to respect freedom of speech, and the right of people to demonstrate and express their views, and to stop the policy of intimidation and arrests.

The Libyan Center for Freedom of the Press finds it extremely difficult to communicate with stakeholders or journalists to document attacks or advocacy considering the security cover-up tracking all the independent journalists and activists’ devices, which drives them to stay. Silent and not testifying about cases of violence and assaults to which they are exposed for fear that they or their families will be persecuted.

The Libyan Center for Freedom of the Press recommends:

1-Appealing Fayez Al-Sarraj, President of the Presidential Council, curbing the military formations Declaration and embody the commitment to respect human rights, the journalist’s badge on the ground, and their right to access information and complete independence.

2-Demanding the security authorities and judicial authorities in the city of Tripoli to disclose the fate of detained journalists and activists, the imminent release because of the null arrest mechanisms.

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